Case abstract checklist

Case abstract checklist

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This sheet should be attached to your 2 case abstracts with check marks visible that you have checked your paper and that it follows the requirements. An example of the case abstract format is on Blackboard.

□ Single space your paper.

□ Use 12 point Times New Roman font.

□ The case, in legal citation form, should be at the top of the paper.

□ The first heading is Facts of the case: with a paragraph about what the case is about.

□ The second heading is Decision of the court: (with the U.S. Supreme Court vote in parentheses.) Include 1-2 sentences about the lower courts’ decisions. (Note: a few cases are not Supreme Court decisions. Put the vote of the highest court.)

□ The last heading is Reasoning of the court: Only discuss the highest court’s decision (usually the U.S. Supreme Court). Write 3-4 paragraphs about the court’s decision. What did the justices say about the decision? What precedent did the decision set? You can quote the justices’ comments. If you use a source other that the course textbook, please add a reference at the end.

□ Run spell and grammar check.

□ Please follow American spelling and punctuation style. American English style is to use double quotation marks and for all punctuation to go inside quote marks.