Reading Response Assignment Checklist

Reading Response Assignment Checklist

(Use this as a cover sheet for all your reading responses, even if you turn it in on Blackboard.)

Your Name___________________________________________

This sheet should be attached to every Reading Response assignment with check marks visible that you have checked your paper and that it follows the requirements.

□ Double space your paper.

□ 2½- 3 pages -750-1,000 words – double-spaced, 12 pt. Times Roman font.

□ Is the paper in APA style with in-text citations for everything quoted or paraphrased? i.e. (Haller, 2010) or if it needs a page number for a direct quote (Haller, 2010, p. 21). Punctuation like a period goes after the in-text citation.

□ The paper should have a full reference list in alphabetical order and in APA style. Please make sure you have the required number of references.

The paper should include at least 3 direct quotes from 3 different readings and/or screenings from the assigned class readings/screenings. This assignment is for class readings, not other articles you find on your own.

□ Put the word count on the first page before the first paragraph. 

□ Run spell and grammar check. Points will be taken off for misspellings and incorrect grammar. 

□ Please follow American spelling and punctuation style. American English style is to use double quotation marks and for all punctuation to go inside quote marks.

□ Italicize book titles.

□ Make sure the content of your paper matches assignment requirements.

□ Truly critique the course materials you read or watched. Discuss 3-4 specific things you learned from the materials; things that surprised you; things that might have upset you; things that made you look at disability in a new way, etc.


Here is the link to this document if you want to just print it and attach it: