Blog Group Presentation Checklist

Disability Blogs Group Presentation Checklist

Your Group Names___________________________________________

You will email me your group’s final Powerpoint.

This sheet should be turned in before your presentation to let me know you have checked your presentation and that it follows the requirements and includes the following:

□ At least 3 articles from the DSQ special section on disability blogging are part of your PowerPoint presentation (quotes or paraphrases on slides). How do the blogs your group analyzed reflect the perspectives in the DSQ essays about disability blogging? 

□  The presentation explains what model(s) or perspectives on disability some of the blog posts appear to operate under.

□ What seems to be the bloggers’ perspectives toward disability, toward people with disabilities? How do you know? Be sure to support your argument with specific references to individual blog posts and the date of entries.

□ Who are the sites’ intended audience? Who are they seeking to reach?

□ What are the bloggers’ backgrounds and how does that seem to influence blog content

□ What are your group’s reactions and reflections on the blogs? Please make the presentation a cohesive whole, discussing how your group of blogs are similar or different. (Note: all the slides should use the same format.)

□ Discuss the possible larger societal impact of the blogs.

□ Does your presentation include at least 10+ slide PowerPoint with screen grabs from each blog site discussed?

□ Does your presentation’s last slide(s) include a reference list in APA style of everything you used? (Cite each blog post separately.)


Finally, each individual student will write a 500-word reaction paper about their specific blog that was included in the oral PowerPoint presentation. It should follow the format of the response papers. In it, you can write about your personal reaction and reflection on the blog posts your read.  How might the blog posts influence the public’s view of people with disabilities?