Representing Disability in an Ableist World


Representing Disability in an Ableist World. Essays on Mass Media covers Beth Haller’s 20 years of research into disability and mass media. It is a one-of-a-kind collection on advertising, news, entertainment television, film and Internet new media. For other resources about media and disability topics, visit

The book is ideal for disability studies students and researchers as well as disability activists.

It is available from The Advocado Press

213 pp. Softcover. | $24.95 | ISBN: 0-9721189-3-4 Copyright 2010.

Note: If you would like the book in an e-book format, it is available at for download.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1. The changing landscape of disability “news”: Blogging and social media lead to more diverse sources of information

Chapter 2. Researching media images of disability: How content analysis provides a method for assessment

Chapter 3. Changing disability terminology in the news

Chapter 4. Not worth keeping alive? New York Times narratives about assisted suicide

Chapter 5. Autism and inclusive education in the news media: A case study

Chapter 6. Disability media tell their own stories

Chapter 7. Pity as oppression in the Jerry Lewis Telethon

Chapter 8. The New Phase of Disability Humor on TV

Chapter 9. Media advocacy and films: The “Million Dollar Baby” effect

Chapter 10. Advertising boldly moves disability images forward


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